1. Why is it a good idea to get your dog a car seat?

Dog car seats are useful in many ways. Car seats for dogs will prevent the dog from being a distraction to you by keeping him restrained. She will also be boosted higher to see out the window, and will be less likely to experience motion sickness.  

2. Are there any essential items you should bring when traveling in the car with dogs?

Yes, there are several. Most importantly, you will want to bring a bottle of water in case your dog gets thirsty. Bring food if you are traveling a far distance. Don’t forget bowls. Also be sure to remember a leash, and make sure that your dog is wearing identification tags - you don’t want to risk your pooch getting lost!

3. Should you think about getting a microchip put in your dog?

Absolutely. All pet owners should consider having a microchip put in their dog or cat. It is one of the best ways to make sure that you never get separated from your pet. If you really treasure your four-legged friend, then it may be a good idea to consider a microchip.

4. Who would benefit from a dog car ramp?

Dog car ramps are popular travel accessories. They provide the dog with the assistance that they may need to get in and out of the car. Older dogs and dogs with arthritis or hip problems will especially benefit from dog car ramps.

5. How do you travel safely with a dog on a boat?

Purchase a doggy life jacket and make sure that your pooch actually wears it. Also be sure to provide fresh drinking water, since you won’t want your dog drinking any of the pollutants that may be in the water that you are boating in. Remember to allow your dog to sit in a shady area of the boat whenever possible, to prevent heat exhaustion.

6. How often should you walk a dog during a car ride?

When you go on a long car ride, it is important to stop as much as necessary for your dog to do its business. For most dogs, this will mean stopping once at least every two to three hours.

7. Why should dogs never travel in the bed of a truck?

If you have a truck, be sure to avoid allowing your dog to travel in the bed. The reason is because your dog will be thrown from the truck in the event of an accident or if you come to a sudden halt during any time while driving.

8. How do you prevent dog motion sickness when traveling in a car?

Dog car seats can help prevent it. Keep in mind that not allowing your dog to eat for about two to three hours before leaving can also help prevent motion sickness. It is also possible for veterinarians to prescribe anti-nausea medicine for your dog.

9. Should you clean up after your dogs messes while traveling?

Of course! Remember that cleaning up after your dog is not only a nice thing to do for those who live in the area that you will be visiting, but it is the law in almost every state. Be sure to pack a pooper scooper and brown paper bags to clean up after your dog.

10. Do pet-friendly hotels cost more money?

There are some hotels which allow you to bring pets at no extra cost. Keep in mind that it is also common for many hotels to allow pets to stay in their rooms, at an extra fee. Most tend to range from $20-30 extra per night.

11. Is it ever okay to leave your dog in a parked car alone?

Leaving your dog in a parked car by itself is never a good idea, especially during the hotter months of the year. Consider letting someone stay in the car, with the air conditioner running. Otherwise, make sure that you do not leave the dog alone for too long and crack the window.

12. Which is better: a dog car seat or a dog seat belt?

It is important to remember that you will want to have at least one or the other! Keep in mind that dog seat belts will restrain the dog, but dog car seats will also boost the dog up so that he or she can see out the window and may help prevent motion sickness.

13. When should you begin putting your dog in a car seat?

The sooner, the better! If you can get your dog adjusted to the car seat as a puppy, you will not need to worry about this being a problem when your dog is an adult. Getting your dog into the habit as early as possible is always a good idea.

14. What should you know about traveling to a wooded area?

If you are planning to go on a trip to a wooded area, it’s important to remember that your dog will be more prone to ticks. Be sure to talk to your vet about this problem can be prevented during your trip!

15. Should you leave your dog alone in a hotel room?

If you are bringing your dog to a pet-friendly hotel, there may come a time when you want to leave him alone. Keep in mind that it is okay to do this, but you will want to make sure that you leave your dog in a crate. This will prevent damage occurring to the room or to people who may enter it, such as a maid.