Dog Car Seat Carrier

Most pet owners know that small dogs can be very rambunctious when traveling far distances in vehicles. They either jump around until they finally get tired out and fall asleep or they try to jump up onto your lap to look out the windows. There are many different solutions you can consider when traveling with your pet. Dog seats, dog seat belts, and dog hammocks are all some great options. However, you may want to think about a dog car seat carrier.

This is a two-in-one product. The way that it works is by offering the safety of a dog car seat while you are traveling in the car. When you no longer want it to be a car seat, it transforms into a carrier because there is a zip at the top which closes it. All that you need to do is unhook the dog car seat carrier from the car’s seat belt. 

One of the main benefits of using a dog car seat carrier is the fact that you will not be traveling with so much. Instead of bring a pet carrier and a dog car seat, there is only going to be one item that you will need to bring along with you during your travels. 

Dog car seat carriers are designed from the same materials as a dog carrier. Often, they do have lining inside to provide your dog with extra comfort. They are fairly lightweight, to make lifting them in and out of the car a lot easier. A dog car seat carrier comes complete with handles that are easy to grip. Keep in mind that dog seat carriers are washable.

Before making the decision to purchase a dog car seat carrier, be sure to elect the right size. Your dog should have room to move around. Also keep in mind that most manufacturer offer dog car seat accessories, or have built-in accessories. Finally, be sure to look into dog car seat carriers that have a handle with wheels so that you can drag the carrier around instead of carrying it.

A dog car seat carrier is a great option for many people. If you want to save money by purchasing one product instead of two, want to ensure your dog’s safety when traveling in the car, and know that you will be needing a dog carrier, then this is a great choice for you and your pooch!

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